Activities and Services


Orientation is mandatory for all freshmen/women. A week long orientation programme, with series of events, at the beginning of first semester is organized to help new students meet new people and find new opportunities available in the University. If you’ve been accepted to the University of Cape Coast, take a look at what needs to be taken care of before classes begin.

Matriculation is the officially welcoming and receiving of fresh undergraduate and graduate students through the ritual of matriculation ceremony. It is a formal way of admitting students to the rights and privileges of the University. It is a simple, short but an important ceremony at which the new students of the University swear an oath to abide by ALL the rules and regulations of the University and to apply themselves to the courses of study assigned for them in the University.

The Office of the Dean of Students Affairs also liaises with relevant offices in organizing Congregation for students who have successfully completed their programmes of study.

The Ghana Health Service makes expert care easy by providing convenient care for students, faculty and staff at the University of Cape Coast Campus Health Service facility. Count on the University Health Service for general medical care, including immunizations, women’s health services and physical exams.
The University Hospital is an ultra-modern hospital with all the facilities you can imagineand operates 24/7. We accept the Ghana National Health Insurance Scheme and enroll all our students onto this scheme regardless of nationality. Health care bills are charged to the insurance scheme.
The hospital is at southern part (old-site) of the university. There is also a sub-center at the northern part (new-site) of campus.
The hospital provides X-rays, ultrasound, physical therapy, sports medicine, family planning, laboratory service and more. This option is highly recommended for students who would like to have a long-term provider while studying at the University of Cape Coast.

Safety and Security
The University of Cape Coast Security Service is a full-service law enforcement agency dedicated to providing residents, students, faculty, and staff with a safe and secure environment in which to learn, live and work.
There is also a Ghana Police Service on campus to deal with matters that may be above the University Security Service.
Again, there is the University of Cape Coast Ghana Fire Service Unit to deal with any form of disaster relating to their outfit that may crop up.
However, we advise individuals to be self-conscious and not be complacent in their doing.

Counselling Services
Our office promotes the psychological well-being of the University of Cape Coast community through preventive services and therapeutic interventions. The Counselling Center of UCC provides individualand group counseling, educational programs, referral services, consultation,
outreach events, and training to all students of UCC.
Aside the main Counselling Center, there are hall counsellors and departmental counsellors to help students in their decision making. For more information please click here